Sunshine & Outdoor Adventure

Over the beautiful weekend filled with gorgeous sunshine, Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver was delighted to be part of the Vancouver Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show and the Vancouver Bike Show held at Canada Place. The trade show attracted many bike and outdoor enthusiasts and both days were filled with excitement.

Guests were welcomed with beautiful travel destinations across BC and western Canada as they entered the event. The image (shaky as it could be on the gondola…) is taken from the Fraser Canyon booth where they present the only descending gondola in North America! Along the Travel Show, we also visited the beautiful booth set up by Japan International Tourism Association and the luxury customized travel packages to Europe and the Artic.

Outdoor activities from hiking, camping, kayaking, whale watching, zip-lining and much more were showcased in different booth decorated with breathtaking photographs taken from different cities across the globe. After the guests walked past a giant field of tents, we joined hundreds of bike fans as we watched professional and amateur riders rode up the ramp to compete in the BC Big Air Jam Session & Competition. After holding our breath every minute as the rider flew, literally, and flipped into the air, we decided to take a break for our hearts and visit Rocky Mountain Bicycles booth right around the corner.

Ah. And there is our beautiful 2015 Ferrari California T looking beautiful next to Colnago’s Ferrari CF12, one of the latest contributions to the world of high-performance mountain bikes! It is amazing to see the partnership between the two and we are extremely happy to see many fans (Ferrari and bike fans!) to take a sneak peak of the newly designed California T.

Overall, the show was fun and exciting, making all the guests eager to spring home and grab their gear (bikes, tents …suitcase for me!) What are your top three travel destinations? Be sure to share with us on Facebook or Twitter!